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With his second release under 196 Records, BGamble steps out of his normal sound of music for his “I love you more when I’m drunk!” mixtape that combines entertainment and creativity to give you some ride slow-vibe in the house-drinking music. This project has the feel of some new age rap, classic R&B, old school groove, and a small pinch of disco all rolled up into one.


With features from Taylor Joel, Charis, G.IV, Ayates, K.T.E., Deal, Slimm Pikkin, Hunna Fling and interludes from Konverse Mizzle (R.I.P.) with additional vocals from Teddy X, family, friends, the female pimp squad, the party crew, and the “I lied” choir. “I love you more when I’m drunk!” tells a fun eccentric story involving plenty of alcohol and fun that we all can relate to.


While listening to this project, grab your favorite drink  and enjoy the grooves!

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196 Records

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