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Brandon Gamble (BGamble) is a multifaceted entrepreneur, promoter, photographer, videographer and more. A true creative talent and innovator, BGamble represents reinvention and ingenuity. He never tires from experimenting with new versions of artistic expression and inspires his clients and peers to constantly stretch their creative limits.


BGamble  oversees the preeminent up-and-coming company, KRTG Enterprises, Inc. which is home to I am BGamble, Forever Young Nation, Hangover Lifestyle, 196 Records, Concert Guys, and Gamble Studios. His roles and responsibilities for these businesses and brands include, but not limited to, Management, Event Coordination and Promotions, Merchandising, and Production with Creative Direction for Videos, Photography, and Music.


Connect with BGamble and his creative projects and productions! 


"No one plans to fail they fail to plan"

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." -Winston Churchill

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